Walk of Shame

Moscow-based Andrey Artyomov breathes new life into post-Soviet culture with Walk of Shame, a young label inundating flashy Russian streetwear aesthetic with tailored, modern cues. From glittering slip dresses to paneled track jackets in surprising color combinations, Artyomov’s lineup effortlessly melds his roots in costume design with references to local cultural iconography drawn from his own childhood experience. Walk of Shame has quickly outgrown its local circle, and is turning towards the international stage. Artyomov’s is a deeply personal vision, vibrant with kitschy charm and sincere in its delivery. 


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Classic Slip Dress

USD 570.00
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Crop Sweater

USD 295.00
Walk of Shame

Denim Midi Skirt

MSRP: USD 355.00
USD 213.00
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Double Logo T-Shirt

USD 105.00
Walk of Shame

Flower Printed Blouse

MSRP: USD 310.00
USD 186.00
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For Her T-Shirt

USD 115.00
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Light Orange Skirt

USD 575.00
Walk of Shame

Lime Turtleneck

MSRP: USD 295.00
USD 177.00
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Logo Socks

USD 18.00