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Simon Miller

Simon Miller’s Chelsea Hansford and Daniel Corrigan present a collection inspired by the elusive, evolving spirit of American craftsmanship, drawing on the natural textures of the American Southwest while celebrating modern, advanced techniques. Primary colors, asymmetrical cuts and optic print motifs sourced from another era breathe life into classic denim and knit silhouettes. The brand’s offering subtly nods to its Los Angeles roots, imparting through its leather accessories and treated fabrics the peculiarities of the city’s charisma. 

Simon Miller

Bonsai Bag 15cm - White Crackle

MSRP: USD 390.00
USD 195.00
Simon Miller

Alder Pant - Rust

MSRP: USD 240.00
USD 120.00
Simon Miller

High Rise Skinny Crop Denim

MSRP: USD 310.00
USD 155.00
Simon Miller

Long Pop Pouch - Cliff

MSRP: USD 290.00
USD 87.00
Simon Miller

Small Eve Necklace

MSRP: USD 345.00
USD 103.50