Scosha Woolridge's eponymous label is heavily influenced by her years of living and learning the craft of traditional weaving in countries like Brazil, India, Thailand and Turkey. The jewelry line represents Woolridge's practice of using symmetry, harmony, conflict and tension to explore the interconnectivity between people, places and objects.

It was at an orphanage in India where Woolridge first discovered the common practice of piercing young girls' ears with needle and beautifully colored thread.  The vibrant threads would be left in the ears until they healed, and often, dangling at the ends of these threads would be a tiny gold bead. The image of textiles combined with precious metals and attached to the human body would stay with Scosha and influence her designs.

Founded in 2007, the Scosha workshop in Brooklyn, NY is where every piece is carefully designed and crafted by hand.  Today, handwoven Scosha pieces are shipped to international customers everywhere, carried in over 125 stores across 4 continents, and has won the hearts of top fashion editors, stylists, models, and celebrities through the brand's authentic point of view and commitment to environmental, social and personal awareness.

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