Tree Healer Perfume Oil

Cult of Treehouse

A heady arboreal essence imbued with 17 tree oils: bark, resin, leaves and twigs and a house-made synergistic, grounding and clearing blend of petrified wood, hematite, smoky quartz and black tourmaline essences to lift and balance the mind. Live house-made alchemistic-extracted ormus minerals possess supernatural properties encouraging every living cell by helping to improve energy flow and dissolving unfriendly electromagnetic vibrations and raising the good vibrations. 


Redolent of a moss-tangled treehouse. Resinous embers emanating from a wood-burning stove. Fog-damp evergreens tingling like nostalgia. Star-bleached overgrowth. Canyon scrub. Decaying rhizomes.

Ormus are alchemistic-extracted minerals from raw sea salt. These minerals, known as monatomic elements, when extracted into cold-pressed oil, throws them into a high spin state (m-state). In this state these minerals have shown to possess supernatural and superconductive behaviors encouraging every living cell by helping to improve energy flow.