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Perks And Mini

Tarot Garden Shoulder Bag - Mink Ice Blue

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Structured bag with concealed versatility strap.

Can be worn 3 ways :
• Contrast paracord strap.
• Metal eyelet threading system.
• Internal toggle adjuster.

• Large pocket bag.
• Light wadding to add structure.
• Gusset panels.
• Articulated darts.
• ’Triangle Spiral’ rubber patch.

Established in 2000, P.A.M.’s one-of-a-kind prints, quality fabrics and comfortable cuts has earned the brand a huge international following, as well as collaborations with Stussy, Disney, and Nike. To wear its inimitable pieces is to enter a realm where ‘good’ and ‘bad’ taste are meaningless distinctions, and getting dressed seems a whole lot more fun.
70% nylon, 30% cotton.
Made in China.


70% nylon, 30% cotton.

Made in China.