Sun Balm

Solid & Striped

A moisturizing lip balm made with SPF 45 protection by Solid & Striped. The 90% natural formula creates a hydrating barrier on lips, protecting delicate skin against harmful sun rays that cause premature aging and dryness. Includes peptide ingredients that plump the skin, making lips appear more full. 

The eponymous cult swimwear line, Solid & Stripe, just got a beauty upgrade. Their latest line of sun care is designed to protect without the weight of chemical fillers and provide coverage with a purpose. Focusing more so on the absence of ingredients, the label is made with vegan, gluten free, and coral reef-safe ingredients (just to name a few). Solid & Stripe's small line of skincare will have you falling deep for clean beauty (with real results).   


  • .12 oz
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Made in the USA