Moon Atlas by Luca Missoni

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The Italian photographer Luca Missoni has always cultivated a great passion for the Moon. His interest in this celestial body originated in childhood when he began to explore the surface with a small telescope, back in the 1960s when space programmes made the first lunar explorations possible. Subsequently, this passion led him to photograph the ever-changing appearance of the Moon in a rigorous, almost scientific way while, over the years, also pursuing his own artistic project that has been realised with the publication of a Lunar Atlas.

The book is introduced in a conversation with the artist and presents an extract from the famous astronomy treatise of Galileo Galilei. 'Moon Atlas' includes two main sections: in the first, the Moon is illustrated with more than forty shots in a detailed sequence of phases; the second part collects the unpublished chromatic experiments Missoni has made with his photographs. Published on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the landing on the Moon, 'Moon Atlas' is an exciting voyage of discovery to a celestial body that has always continued to fascinate humanity.