Stussy - Reena Clean Tech Bucket Hat, available at LCD
Stussy - Reena Clean Tech Bucket Hat, available at LCD

Reena Clean Tech Bucket Hat

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Navy bucket hat by Stüssy, featuring a red, white, and black embroidered patch with Stüssy design logo. Lightweight and water resistant - perfect addition to your outdoor summer trip, no matter the weather. 

Stüssy is a clothing brand started in the early 1980's by Shawn Stüssy. The company grew from custom surfboards to Stüssy selling merch out of the back of his car to opening stores all over the US. The early success of the brand has been attributed to it's popularity in the hip hop and skater and surfer scenes. The brand was also embraced by punk subculture and other street subcultures. In a 1992 interview Stüssy said "Everyone calls is surf wear, or urban streetwear, or surf street... I don't name it, and I don't name it on purpose."


  • Do not wash
  • Imported
  • 100% Polyester


  • Head Length: 7in / 18cm
  • Brim Length: 14in / 36cm
  • Height: 8in / 21cm
  • Measurements taken from a size M/L