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Tsubota Pearl

Queue Stick Lighter - Gold

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We love these super chic stick lighters from Japan's premier lighter company, Tsubota Pearl. These delightfully small lighters are easy to tuck into a purse, pocket, or display them proudly alongside your candles. Available here in metallic gold.

Lighter fluid not included.

Operational note: Sometimes the flint tip of this lighter will swivel away from the wick and cause the lighter not to light properly. Simply turn the flint back to face the wick to resume operation of the lighter. We have created a FAQ page with some helpful hints on the maintenance of your Tsubota Pearl lighter product.


  • 86 x 7 x 7 mm 
  • Brass and steel with cotton wick
  • Made in Japan

Tsubota Pearl was founded in 1952 in Tokyo, Japan as a manufacturer of leather and metal goods related to the smoking industry. The company has specialized in cigarette cases, metal-plated lighters and other accessories for nearly 70 years.