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Puss Puss Magazine - Issue No. 14

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Nature has an amazing way of regenerating itself and emerging from the ruin and destruction, like a green shoot growing through concrete, and as we’re slowly emerging from this global moment of pause there are many things to be excited about. With this realisation comes gratitude for what we have and a new-found sense of optimism. Of course not everything is great and our world and each individual in it is facing daily challenges, big and small, but perhaps we can be the change in ourselves by looking out for one another and learning from this experience to be kinder and more compassionate and to focus on the things that matter: community, family, mental health, freedom to be and to create are all the things we’re exploring in issue 14 of PUSS PUSS – The Future Is Bright issue!

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  • anaiis
  • Daria Strokous
  • Deirdre Fírinne


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