Purple Fashion - No. 35 The Island Issue

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Exploring the concept of the Island -- as a mythological place, an escape, a metaphysical representation of the self, a concept of separateness.  Featuring cover art created and photographed by: Chanel photographed by Pierre-Ange Carlotti featuring Rianne Van Rompaey, Comme des Garçons by Chikashi Suzuki, Berluti photographed by Takashi Homma, Jil Sander by Shaniqwa Jarvis.

Purple Fashion is a magazine that knows that having personality is about more than just being extroverted. Published in Paris under the eye of its charismatic Editor-In-Chief, Olivier Zahm, each issue is as decadent as his lifestyle is reported to be. Its articles and photo shoots ooze intimacy and somehow get inside places that many would dream to be. Indulgent? Perhaps. Typical? Definitely not. Purple Fashion manages to capture a ‘fashionable’ world in a way that subverts notions of superficiality and replaces it with a focus on personal expression and quality.



  • Height: 19.5in / 49.5cm
  • Length: 13in / 33cm