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Openhouse Magazine - Issue No. 16

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In this issue of Openhouse, “view” seems to appear over and over: 10AM Lofts scan a multi-millennial horizon, while Fondation Maeght’s view is closely focused through the lens of objects. Until recently and lovingly restored, Villa Magnan remained “out-of-view” in Biarritz, for nearly a century, which unintentionally also protected it from decades of probable identity-erasing renovations. On the one hand, “view” creates separation: inside/outside, self/others, but it also has the opportunity to focus, connect, inform, influence, advocate. It is “looking” passed through a sieve of intention, for better or worse.

Architect Ask Anker Aistrup suggests view as orienting and even guiding, while Salvador Dali’s residence museum at Portlligat offers shifting scales (an enormous egg, tiny furniture) that destabilize any consistent sense of viewing-distance our eyes may try to report. Perhaps nowhere is view more transformative than architect-muralist Elvira Solana’s project which invites “us to dream of a new reality.”

Openhouse Magazine is a bi-annual publication that celebrates architectural landscapes and their distinctive interiors. Produced as a guide for creatives to share their intimate spaces, both physically and experimentally, Openhouse is a work for every and any artist alike - to express, share, and discover. 


  • Printed in Europe