OG Era LX - Checkerboard Logo / Green Cadmium

Vault by Vans


A classic Vans Vault shoe featuring a repeating Vans logo against a green and white checkered pattern.  This upgraded Vans Vault version of the classic slip on features pigskin leather lining versus the standard vinyl lining, higher quality canvas uppers, and thicker signature waffle soles. Higher foxing (the rubber side walls of the shoe) provides improved stability and you'll notice the foxing on these Vans Vault Era shoes are completely white, as compared to standard Vans shoe foxing, which have a black border.

Vans Vault was launched in 2003 as a way to reference some of Vans' most revered archival. Vans Vault styles feature super premium construction, with higher quality base materials, limited run productions, exclusive artist collaborations and select distribution.