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Mondo Mondo

Lover Earrings - Polished Gold

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Heart-shaped drop earrings with ruby red glass stone set in the center. 18k gold plated brass earrings, glass stone. We may or may not have seen them on Bella and we may or may not have copied her effortlessly sexy/fun style on ordering these earrings!

Mondo Mondo is a jewelry and fragrance label founded in 2012 by designer and perfumer Natasha Ghosn. The brand invites you into a visual and sensual world inspired by archaic wonders and baroque ornamentation. Generally eschewing precious stones in favor of glass, Mondo Mondo jewelry evokes in us a child-like wonder with their fantastical modern day relics, while their fragrances are framed as cinematic escapes into the sunset - each scent is a world unto itself.


Due to the nature of the handcrafted design of Mondo Mondo's jewelry, variations may occur, each piece will be unique.

18k gold plated brass earrings, glass stone, Sterling silver ear wire.

Remove jewelry when bathing, exercising, or cleaning. Always avoid excess moisture, and remember to store your pieces properly in an airtight container when you aren't wearing them. It is normal for metal to oxidize (or change color) with time and exposure to the elements, but contact with liquid or other substances can expedite this process. Gently clean with mild dish soap and a soft brush but please do not polish! Gold vermeil is a thick gold plating that can actually be removed with polishing. Once completely dry, store your pieces in an airtight container, such as a ziplock bag, to avoid oxidization.

Made in USA.