Little Puzzle Thing - New York Slice



Designed by Areaware.

Series 1: Food | New York Slice

little puzzle thing® jigsaws are miniature puzzles that can be completed in twenty minutes or less. Reward your mind with some off-screen time. Each series is a timed edition, printed in limited quantities. Act fast before they get eaten up. Ages 6+.

This puzzle is sold by the slice. We weren't sure what you wanted so we went ahead and ordered a large half plain, half pepperoni. We're in Brooklyn, so it's a New York slice. No need to argue with us about which regional pizza we prefer. In fact, let's not argue at all, any pizza is better than no pizza. I'll take two slices, one plain, one pepperoni, to-go. You guys are cash only, right?

Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Made in China