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i-D Magazine - No. 366 The Out of The Blue Issue

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Photography by Mario Sorrenti.

Co-curated by Tiffany & Co., this special 5th issue of the year is a tribute to future icons and current stars and the most legendary names across fashion, music and art.

Nas has the kind of voice that lingers in your mind long after you hear it. There’s a smooth warmth underneath its gravelly edge. That voice, and how Nas uses it, has been at the core of what many of us hold dearly about hip-hop. Since his emergence as a baby-faced teenager in the halcyon days of hip-hop’s golden age, Nas has captivated us with his poetic storytelling, and a visceral flow that has given us an immersive look into the world the way he lives and sees it. I first interviewed Nas nearly a decade ago. We sat down to talk about his landmark 10th album Life Is Good. He was approaching forty then, and our conversation often drifted towards the idea of legacy and what he wanted his to be – understandable, considering he was now a father of two and growing older in an industry driven by youth.



Length: 12in / 30.5cm Width: 8in / 20.25cm