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HommeGirls - Volume 6

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Totally Chanel.

With Chloë Sevigny | Margaret Qualley | Lily Rose Depp | Greta Lee | Zsela Thompson | Whitney Peak

+ Accessories, Jewelry, Beauty and Haute Dogs !

HommeGirls is a passion project founded by fashion creative Thakoon Panichgul meant to reflect his affection towards iconic "cool girls" -- many of whom, he realized, dressed with simplicity, confidence and with an eye towards the mens department. The HommeGirls manifesto: “Fashion is on the verge of becoming just another form of entertainment, one more thing to distract us from the realities of daily life. We are dressing to have our pictures taken—something we all learned from the red carpet—only now, thanks to social media, we are both photographer and subject. And lest our followers get bored, we are swiping through our closets with reckless abandon.” Panichgul continues: “There’s a lot of loudness, and what I want to get back to is instinct. The way to do that is to stay grounded to what I feel excited by. Putting blinders on and staying focused might be a quieter way to work, but it’s also more powerful, because it comes from within, it’s authentic. And that’s what resonates with people.”