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Graphic V-Neck Vest

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The V-Neck Vest is made from 45% recycled wool and 10% recycled polyester, featuring a v-neckline and a cropped ribbed tapered hemline.

Danish fashion house, GANNI, is known for its bold use of printed graphics, cheerful colors with an eye towards the latest silhouettes and fabrics. The creators and husband-and-wife duo, Ditte Reffstrup and Nicolaj Reffstrup, launched the brand in 2000 in an attempt to develop products that evoked a more light-hearted Scandinavian aesthetic they felt was missing from the market. GANNI has become a true favorite among the fashion community for its accessible price points, on-trend designs, and deep commitment towards sustainability in manufacturing.


35% wool, 45% recycled wool, 10% recycled PA, 10% PA

Made in Romania.