Gradient Puzzle - Blue/Pink


Designed by Bryce Wilner

500 pcs 

18” x 24” assembled

The Gradient Puzzle is a vibrant way to meditate on color. The act of putting it together is slow and deliberate, where the color of each piece is used to locate its proper position. We’ve used a thick stock and high quality art paper, so the puzzle can be assembled again and again without losing its edge.

Recommended for ages 9 and up.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Areaware curates local and unconventional designers with boundless curiosities. Inspired by the peculiarities in ordinary objects, Areaware creates homeware with subtle twists that ultimately make spaces feel like home. Though exceptionally playful, Areaware’s line is intended to last (both physically and aesthetically), and the distinctive designs produced from their small team consist of the type of items we hope to pass on from generation to generation.