Fin Trivet - Gold


Made using a manufacturing process utilized for railways, medical devices, & electronics, the Fin Trivets bring an industrial touch to your tabletop. Both durable and multi-functional, the Fin Trivets provide the perfect platform to organize your letters or protect your tabletops with style.

  • Details
  • Aluminum, Cork
  • Measurements
  • Width: 6in / 15cm
  • Height: 0.75in /2cm
  • Length: 6in / 15cm


In Japanese the word ‘Souda’ roughly translates to mean “oh yeah!” And according to Dwell Magazine "True to its name, Souda seems founded on the finger-snapping moments that accompany great ideas."

Galvanized by the need for high-quality design that doesn't include a high-dollar price tag, Souda creates modern furniture, lighting, and accessories engineered to be cherished and loved for years to comeThe versatility, originality and timelessness in every piece contributes to products that allow each design to seamlessly adapt to its environment, whilst shaping the way that we live and work.

Beauty is found in the details, which is why Souda’s production and manufacturing process, tailored to each design, harmoniously combine the diligence of craft with the finesse of industry to ensure the highest-quality object arrives at your doorstep. We love every single piece we create, and we hope you will too.