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Crystal Mesh Lunchbag - White

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Introducing the Crystal Mesh Lunch Bag, created in celebration of NYC based chef, author and multidisciplinary artist Angela Dimayuga and the launch of her first cookbook. The rhinestone covered clutch was inspired by Dimayuga’s experience of growing up as a first generation Asian American in the Bay Area. Sharing a childhood memory, Dimayuga said “For me, a lunch bag is so related to my upbringing as a Filipino American and my parents wanting me to feel American. They would give me a brown bag lunch every day- filling it with American snacks like Capri Sun, Doritos, sometimes a sandwich, because that's what the other Americans were having and that was them exploring luxury. And of course, at certain times I would have rice and spam in my lunch bag too, but I know that they found a particular joy in giving me a brown bag lunch.”

KARA is a New York City based accessories brand founded by Chinese American designer Sarah Law in 2013. KARA is an enthusiastic dedication to the intimate recognition that for many of us, identity is complex, conflicting and fluid. Each design is a blank canvas, encouraging individuality and reflecting the attitude that you should wear the bag, the bag should not wear you. KARA derives from the Japanese word ‘karaoke’, which means ‘empty orchestra’. Emptiness creates space for personal interpretation and self expression.


  • Crystal Mesh
  • Leather covered magnetic closure
  • Lined interior
  • Interior zipper pocket
  • Made in China


  • 8" H x 9" W x 4" D