CCC Cream

CLE Cosmetics

CCC Cream stands for Color Control & Change. CLE CCC Cream combines the various benefits of all-in-1 skincare, primer, foundation and sun protection. CLE utilizes Micro Capsule Technology, an effective technique to ensure the essence, tint and sun protection are released instantaneously. Upon application, the capsules release essence and tint, providing hydration to the skin and flawless coverage.

Pronounced “clay,” CLE Cosmetics was founded in Korea by Parsons graduate, Lauren Gin. Centered on the latest Korean beauty technology, the uber-cool line of skincare centers their focus around non-toxic, vegan & cruelty free ingredients with products that actually work (along with some out-of-this-world technology).


  • Micro Capsule Technology
  • Lightweight Feel
  • Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA+++
  • Light to Medium Coverage
  • Fragrance-Free; With Bergamot Fruit Oil (Furocoumarine-free), Orange Oil & Ylang Ylang


  • 8.88% Titanium Dioxide, 7% Octinoxate, 3% Octisalate