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Fiele Fragrances

Boswellia Eau De Parfum

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Emotion: Spiritual, Thoughtful, Focused. Sensation: Spicy, Zesty, Sweet.

Interpretation: Treasured for thousands of years for its meditative qualities, wildgrown boswellia serrata (frankincense) from India is the base of this incense-inspired scent. We steady its balsamic spice with fresh citrus, creamy sandalwood, and sweet vanilla to create a fragrance that balances ancient mysticism with modern spirituality. 

Key Notes: Frankincense (India), Ylang Ylang (Madagascar), Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute (India), Sandalwood (New Caledonia), Myrrh (Somalia), Cedarwood Virginia (USA), Vanilla Bourbon CO2 (Comoros), Vanilla Absolute (Madagascar), Tonka Bean Absolute (Brazil), Tangerine Murcott (Dominican Republic), Bergamot (Italy), Musk

Entirely made by hand and cruelty-free in Santa Monica, Fiele Fragrances sources wildcrafted and cultivated raw ingredients from all over the world. The end product is a multi-sensory scent, enriched with California warmth and a barefoot soul.

  • 1.7 fl oz / 50 mL bottle.
  • Blended, compounded, chilled, filtered and packaged by hand in Los Angeles, California
  • Some cloudiness or sediment may occur due to the high percentage of raw, natural extracts
  • No Animal Testing