A Magazine Curated By, The Eckhaus Latta Edition

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The most exciting magazine of the season is not really a magazine at all. It's an art project that takes the form of a classic September issue, by the progressive bi-coastal brand Eckhaus Latta. As the most recent incarnation of A Magazine Curated By, which allows designers like Alessandro Michele and Proenza Schouler to live out their editing fantasies, the book takes classic Condé Nast tropes and fucks them up a bit. Using familiar categories like "Beauty" and "Interiors," designers Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta opened up the issue to their friends and family. When you're one of the most authentically collaborative brands around, that includes a cover by Roe Ethridge, a home feature with Susan Cianciolo, a letter to the editor by Tim Blanks, and an advice column by Juliana Huxtable. There are "fake advertisements by real artists" including Alex Da Corte and Ryan Trecartin, and "paparazzi" photos of little-known people in the Eckhaus orbit. The "magazine" is packed with ideas, good ideas! After a lauded spring/summer 18 season and a massively clicky campaign with couples having (real) sex, the magazine is further proof that the brand is not about what Mike Eckhaus terms "one-liners."