Perks And Mini

To quote the brand website, Melbourne-based lifestyle brand P.A.M. stands for ‘Perks And Mini, Positive Art Madness, Psilocybin And Mescaline, Pyschic And Mental, Pizza And Mezze, Psychedelic Anarchic Mindfulness, Positively Anti (the) "Man", Powerful Awesomeness Manifested, Picking Awesome Mushroom’ – which gives your some insight into the wildly creative headspace shared by husband and wife founder-designers, Mischa Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey.

Established in 2000, P.A.M.’s one-of-a-kind prints, quality fabrics and comfortable cuts has earnt the brand a huge international following, as well as collaborations with Stussy, Disney, and Nike. To wear its inimitable pieces is to enter a realm where ‘good’ and ‘bad’ taste are meaningless distinctions, and getting dressed seems a whole lot more fun.