Keshi Earring

USD 195.00

A statement earring with kinetically hung forms, nestling an irregular pearl and flapper-like tassels. Sold singularly.

Handmade jewelry sculpted to perfection and produced in small, limited edition collections. That’s Faris, the high-end accessory line created and inspired by its owner Faris Du Graf. Faris' designs are sleek but their forms are natural -- polished but organic, well-tended, and flexible. Faris specializes in everything from earrings to hair barrettes, offering new classics in every category of accessory imaginable for women looking to travel a less conventional path to style.

CARE: Bronze and silver naturally oxidize over time. This grey hue, a chemical reaction, can be removed with a metal polish and a polishing cloth. A bit of lemon juice and baking soda can also work in a pinch. To delay oxidation, keep your FARIS jewelry away from moisture, shower steam, and other water activities. And when you’re not wearing your jewelry, store it in a plastic bag. 

  • Sold singularly.
  • Measures 1in x 5in.
  • Care instructions: Wipe clean with metal polish and polishing cloth. Store in a plastic bag when not in use. 


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