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 Golda hiba wood oil infused apothecary at LCD

Golda hiba wood oil infused apothecary at LCD

GOLDA intensely soothing fragrance products are scented with the Aomori Hiba essential oil, distilled from the wood of 300 year old Hiba trees in Aomori Japan. The trees are some of the most revered and highly regulated trees in the world - they were once used to build sacred temples - and the essential Hiba oil is known for it's powerful antimicrobial effects.

Founded by husband and wife duo Tsugu Wada and Keiko Matsuo, GOLDA strives to create products that best utilize the awakening fragrance and powerful antimicrobial properties of the Aomori Hiba essential oil. Combining their influences (Keiko has practiced Japanese holistic Qi therapy for over 30 years and Tsugu is a painter), the duo sources from Tsugu's hometown Aomori because of its exceptionally cold climate, resulting in Hiba trees that are stronger and produce more potent essential oil than anywhere else in the world.

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