Q: What are the exclusions to our Wedding Season Promo?

A: Items purchased before the start of our Wedding Season Sale, on July 9th at 12:00AM PST, are not eligible for price adjustments. All sales using promotion code ‘WEDDINGSEASON’ are final. The offer only applies to products that are listed within the “Wedding Season” Edit.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: We accept returns for all unworn, unused, unwashed, full-priced merchandise with their original tags. The item(s) must be received back to our offices within 14 days of your delivered order. To submit a return please fill out the Return Request form on your View Completed Orders page. If you did not create an account when purchasing your item, you can email us directly at info@shoplcd.co to request a return authorization. 

For international returns, the item(s) must be received back to our offices within 30 days of your delivered order. Once we verify that the merchandise is in good condition, we will email you a refund confirmation.

When returning shoes, the return will be denied if the shoe box has been used as the shipping box, or if there are any signs of wear. Due to hygenic reasons underwear, hoisery, swimwear and beauty products are not eligible for return or exchange. All beauty products and perfumes are final sale and therefore non-returnable. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have before purchasing. Books and magazines are also not eligible for return or exchange. 

All sale items are final sale. Unfortunately as a small business we cannot offer free returns at this time. We are happy to chat with you via telephone or email to confirm sizing and measurements of items.

Q: What if I just want to exchange for another size?

A: Please fill out the Return Request form on your View Completed Orders page and in the "Return Reason" dropdown menu select "I'd Like To Exchange For Another Size." Once you submit your return request an LCD team member will be in touch to arrange your exchange. If you did not create an account when shopping at LCD, you may email us at info @ shoplcd.co to arrange for an exchange.

For more detailed information on our returns and exchanges please visit our Store Policies page.

Q: How much is shipping?

A: We charge a flat shipping fee of $8 for domestic US shipping on orders under $200. We offer free shipping on domestic orders over $200.  For our international customers, we simply charge you what USPS or FedEx charges us -- we're not making any money off of shipping, trust us!

For more detailed information on our returns and exchanges please visit our Store Policies page.

Q: Why are your products so expensive?

A: This is a great question! LCD sources our products from small, emerging designers who produce high quality product in small volumes. That means that their base materials are more expensive, and they are often creating pieces by hand (or working with a small team of manufacturers / seamstresses who are still casting, molding, cutting, sewing, finishing by hand). Their products are often made in the USA, or in collaboration with traditional craftspeople in a specific region.  So the cost of the product reflects all of the above: superior materials, hand-finished work, small volumes, a lack of sweatshop labor.  For a really great read on why emerging designers have to charge what they do, read Erica Cerulo's (co-founder of Of A Kind) article, "Why Buying From Emerging Fashion Designers Costs More Money (and Why That's Okay)."

Q: What's the difference between Gold, Gold-Plated, Gold Vermeil, 14k Gold etc?

A: Gold jewelry: When a jewelry piece is referred to as "gold" it generally means it is composed of a gold-colored metal or metal alloy. This is the least expensive type of jewelry and can cause allergic reactions for some people who have metal sensitivities. 

Lifespan: Varies. Generally will tarnish and discolor within a few months of wear.

Care: Keeping jewelry dry is essential to avoiding tarnishing. Wipe clean with soft cloth.

Gold-plated jewelry: Gold-plated pieces have a thin layer of real gold that is electrically charged to bond with a base metal. The base metal will differ from designer to designer - it could vary from Sterling silver to brass to zinc or other mixed alloys (the cheapest). The type of base metal will of course relate to the cost of the piece. Gold-plated jewelry can also cause allergic reactions and rashes for people who have metal sensitivities.

Lifespan: About 1 year, but could be longer if properly cared for.

Care: Avoid washing hands or showering with gold-plated jewelry, as the chemicals in your soap & shampoo will cause the plating to wear off even more quickly. Wipe clean with dry cloth. Store pieces separately in sealed plastic bags, as oxygen will speed up the discoloration process.

Gold-filled jewelry: Gold-filled jewelry is similar to gold-plate excepting that a thicker layer of gold is bonded at high heat and pressure to higher quality metals (potentially Sterling silver or brass). The gold content must be at least 1/20th of the weight of the total piece to be considered gold-filled. It is a beautiful, much longer lasting alternative to gold-plated jewelry and is much more economical than solid gold jewelry, while retaining much of the beauty. Gold-filled jewelry is safe for people with metal sensitivities due to the greater amount of real gold surrounding the piece.

Lifespan: 5-30 years.

Care: Wash with soft soapy water, dry with a soft cloth. Always keep gold-filled jewelry dry as chemicals in your water supply could speed the fading of the gold. Always store separately in a sealed plastic bag when not in use.

Gold Vermeil jewelry: Gold vermeil is gold plated Sterling silver. The lifespan and care are similar to that of gold-filled jewelry.

Solid gold jewelry: Solid gold jewelry is the highest standard of gold material and is used for fine jewelry that is intended to last a lifetime. Pure gold is too malleable to be used in everyday jewelry, it is very common for jewelers to mix pure gold with other metals (copper, nickel, zinc or silver) in order to create a sturdier material for jewelry designs.  Gold composition is measured in karats by the amount of pure gold that in the metal - 24k means it is pure gold. 18k gold is used in very fine jewelry, while 14k gold is a standard for fashion fine jewelry (Australians prefer 9k gold, as it is stronger).

Lifespan: Forever.

Care: Wash with soft soapy water; occasionally can use a polishing cloth to very gently buff up shine. As with gold-plate and gold-filled jewelry, store separately in sealed plastic bags for safekeeping and to avoid oxidization.

Q: Why is my size not available?

A: Ah, we're so sorry!!! We're a small boutique and do not carry large size runs, so it is possible that someone has already purchased your size. Please don't hesitate to email us at info@shoplcd.co to inquire if we can possibly special order your size for you!