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Some Days Candle

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A nostalgic yet deeply familiar & warm fragrance that has a dominant cedarwood & sandalwood accord. Some Days begins with lemon and cardamom followed by woodsy notes which are supplemented by a complex spicy cinnamon nutmeg and earthy vetiver. Wow. 

Every Vybes candle is poured by hand in Los Angeles, each with its own unique characteristics. No two are exactly alike.

Based in LA, Vybes was founded by a gentleman named Jonathan Eppers. The company mainly sells beverages that contain CBD. They recently introduced their newest product: candles.
Jonathan made it his mission to promote CBD after discovering it in 2016. CBD helped his vision, lowered his stress and anxiety, and improved his overall mood. 
Today, Eppers continues to study CBD. According to his website, he explains that “The World Health Organization estimates that by 2020, stress & anxiety will become number one cause of disease in young people.” In such a fast-paced and chaotic world, Eppers hopes to promote a healthy, balanced, calm and grounded lifestyle with his products.


  • Burn time is about 40 hours