White Coffee Candle

Lola James Harper


The White Coffee Candle from Lola James Harper pays tribute to Teta, a dear friend of the creators who used to host gatherings for music, thinking, and sharing white coffee, a beverage of orange blossom, honey, and hot water. 

Lola James Harper’s fragrances are inspired by founder Rami Mekdachi’s memories of favorite places, friends and the creative energy that flowed around them. Each scent evokes not only Rami’s personal nostalgia but also our own longing and wistfulness for days gone by. Lola James Harper is a brand born out of passion for art and time, steeped with Rami’s deep understanding of just how essential scent can be in kindling our forgotten memories. Crafted in France, these passions have been imbued into candles and fragrances sure to take you back to the the places and times that inspired them.

  • Vegetal and mineral wax with a cotton wick.
  • Notes: Orange Blossom, Honey.
  • 190g / 6.7oz.