Salad for President by Julia Sherman

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Artist, cook, creative director, and author Julia Sherman is proud to announce the upcoming release of her debut cookbook, Salad for President: A Cookbook Inspired by Artists.

A visually rich collection of inventive recipes and conversations with artists, architects and musicians, Salad for President offers a rare glimpse into the everyday lives of the most creative characters. Sherman visits unusual live/work spaces from Kyoto to Mexico City, interviewing and photographing her subjects as they cook and share a meal. The resulting volume offers insight into the inner lives of artists with a uniquely vegetable-obsessed perspective.

Salad for President: A Cookbook Inspired by Artists includes 75 of Sherman’s own recipes organized by occasion from F*%k Brunch to Salad In Sweatpants: Casual Meals For People Who Already Love You. In addition, the book features contributions from: artist, musician, and director Laurie Anderson, photographer William Wegman, chef/activist Alice Waters, artist Tauba Auerbach,musicians Shinji Masuko and Maki Toba of Boredoms, architect Luis Barragán and the Luque Family, artist/activist Ron Finley, gardener and couture collector Madeleine Fitzpatrick, architect and inventor Harry Gesner, video artist and educator Yoshua Okón, and ceramicist Yui Tsujimura.