Greatest Hits Vol.1 - Discovery Set

DS & Durga


D.S. & Durga Greatest Hits Vol.1 Discovery Set including the following scents:

  • DEBASER rock’n’roll station blaring on summer nights
  • ROSE ATLANTIC spritzers aboard the famous salt spray rose
  • RADIO BOMBAY ragas radiate in bandra heat
  • I DON'T KNOW WHAT modern skin enhancing aether
  • BOWMAKERS violin woods in the transcendental towns of western mass
  • COWBOY GRASS for robbing banks on horseback

D.S. & Durga is a Brooklyn based husband and wife David and Kavi Moltz team who are obsessed with art, music (David is a musician), architecture (Kavi is a trained architect and designer). You can see their disparate creative influences work together as they create interesting fragrances for interesting people. Their perfumes come with long, elegiac stories about the inspirations behind each scent, and the duo pairs playlists with each fragrance on their website.