Bower Swimwear

In 2015, London and Biarritz saw the nascence of Bower Swimwear, a synergy of the creative efforts of Rupert & Fiona Ryan. Combining nostalgia and an evolving demand for functionality in design, the label delivers a meticulously constructed modernity, while respectfully honoring the past.

Bower Swimwear offers sumptuous fabrics sourced from Italy and France, and strips away frivolous detail in favor of timeless, minimalist silhouettes. The year-old brand continues to break ground in luxury design, bringing with it bold color, form, and enduring simplicity.

Bower Swimwear

White Horse One Piece - Neon Multi

MSRP: USD 255.00
USD 76.50
Bower Swimwear

Tangiers Bikini Bottom - Julian Smith Print

MSRP: USD 110.00
USD 33.00
Bower Swimwear

Catroux Bikini Bottom - Majorelle

USD 110.00
Bower Swimwear

Hutton One Piece - Neon

MSRP: USD 240.00
USD 72.00
Bower Swimwear

Vreeland Bikini Bottom - Masala

USD 130.00