Think Pink

with LCD Fashion Editor at Large, Courtney Madison.

Growing up I was always annoyed with the idea that pink was for girls and in defiance often avoided wearing it. But as a woman I now believe that femininity is a super power. To feel is to know and to know is to be wise. And we are all wise enough to know that pink shouldn’t be tied to gender but to a feeling of joy. A freedom to be whomever we want. So follow along to see how I’ve decided to redefine pink for myself and leave behind the limited “girly” narrative.


Courtney kneeling and holding a rose over one eye, wearing a light pink shirt by Martine Rose.

As soft as your silk robe but with the structure of a work shirt.
WFH never felt more luxurious.
Courtney standing in front of a large outdoor plant, wearing a hot pink button front shirt and matching shorts by Stussy.

The comfort of a sweatshirt but in a jacket.
Need I say more?
Courtney standing outdoors with greenery behind her, wearing a patchwork dress by La Réunion and holding the dress out to her sides.

Designed and created by Sarah Nsikak of La Reunion.
Made exclusively using recycled material. Super powers combined.
Courtney standing outdoors wearing a purple bra and printed, pleated, fringed skirt in blue, green, orange, and pink.

Take this skirt for a twirl. Studies confirmed it to bring joy.
Courtney standing outdoors, with one leg up on a table, wearing a hot pink long sleeve, purple sweatshirt tied around her waist, and black socks that have Stussy printed on them.

Health is wealth. Take care of yourself.
Stretch everyday and get a little vitamin D. 



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