The Future of Food with Sandy Ho

Sandy here, I’ve been thinking about my final post as guest food editor for LCD. And there’s still a lot left to say about the food industry and the hope for our new world.

reached out to my community to hear some thoughts on the future of restaurants. Some responded with ‘abolish’, others shared their love of implemented outdoor dining experiences and a few talked about Cloud Kitchen being the future. Digging deeper, I found some of my peers and friends are mourning the loss of their restaurants while others are celebrating a shift and pivot that has allowed them to survive during this time. 

I truly feel it all. And I’m glad to be a part of this conversation.



I have no clear answers but my personal hope is that we plug into our relationship with the earth and specifically where we are at this given time. That we collectively sustain our food community by sharing with learned information, unlearning information, and critical new information. 



I’ve worked with food for 10 years + and throughout this time I’ve seen countless meals wasted like it was a never-ending chain. I’ve seen women lose their voice. I’ve seen minorities and marginalized people have their cultural integrity dismissed. And as a female in the industry, I will also never stop advocating for and listening to female voices, Trans voices, and Femme Trans voices. Love and care is a priority here. 



It is an extremely important time to be critical thinkers and open listeners. And it’s important because we need to also be fighting for food availability. Especially if you’re someone who has a meal on your table everyday. 



What if re-imagining the food industry looked more like taking care of one another? 

What could you do to help someone else survive?

What if everyone got to eat what they needed everyday because we all looked out for one another?



What if you knew someone who couldn’t make it to the farmers market, and you brought them peaches or a loaf of bread?



Here are some things you can make for you and your community that use left overs and discards:






Tamari Eggs



Hot Sauces



Congee and pickles



Here are a list of links to donate and help:

World Central Kitchen

No Kid Hungry



And as always, continue supporting Black-owned restaurants and businesses. 



Thank you for having me, I’ve loved sharing recipes and thoughts with you! Please send me a DM @sanssho if you’d like recipes to any of the food items for your community! 💕



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