Guest Edit: Handwashing. Moisturising. Relaxing. Repeat.

Handwashing. Moisturising. Relaxing. Repeat.
by Guest Editor Ann Wehren

Making it through this coronavirus quarantine requires taking care of and/or treating yourself. Nothing about this time is easy. But we have something to help you feel refreshed and a bit more chill. Be well!


19-69 candles and fragrances.


Take A Deep Breath / 19-69 Candles and Perfumes

Category: Zen, Self Care, Aromatherapy

Inspired by 1990’s cannabis cultivation in Southern California, enjoy sensory notes of bitter orange, bitter grapefruit, cedarwood, cannabis, musk, moss, and patchouli while channeling the warm vibrations of the Sunshine State. 

I wear the eau de parfum when I need an energy lift, which may instigate an impromptu dance party. Igniting the candle sets off my end of day ritual, followed by California-legal plant medicine. 

Graphic courtesy of 19-69. 


Noto Botanics - The Wash.


Practice Good Hygiene / Noto Botanics

Category: Skincare, Good Hygiene, Cleansing

Current handwashing count clocking in at 90 times a day. Instances of hair washing, more like once this week. When I finally get around to washing my hair, I’ll really go for it with a pre-wash and second wash with Noto Botanics The Wash. I cannot wait to see what this stuff can do for my hair because it has been SAVING my hands which would be a chapped, raw mess with any other soap. We should not be subjecting our hands to this much washing, but this is our life now and I’m so grateful for the nourishing ingredients of organic aloe juice, coriander, black pepper, cedarwood, and bergamot which each have unique + incredible benefits. Black pepper stimulates blood flow and is anti-viral. Cedarwood is anti-bacterial and grounding. And the organic aloe juice is moisturizing, calming, and stimulates collagen production.

Graphic courtesy of Noto Botanics. 


Lesse - Refining Cleanser.


Do A Deep Clean / LESSE

Category: Skincare, Good Hygiene, Cleansing

Back in “normal” times, washing my face was not something I needed to think twice about doing. It’s the start of my skincare regime two times a day and I feel gross when I skip it. Now in crazy WFH times, I launch straight into my day and it’s noon before I realize I’m still in my PJs and have done nothing resembling my old skincare routine. To be fair to myself, I am not getting sweaty or dirty and cleansing feels good whatever time of day I eventually fit it in. Once I make that time for myself, I am loving Lesse Refining Cleanser which gets the job done and leaves me feeling super refreshed. Accomplished even! In addition to essential exfoliation, it’s rich in antioxidants, alleviates breakouts, reduces discoloration, calms inflammation, deeply purifies, and helps to improve skin’s elasticity. Score. 

Graphic courtesy of Noto Botanics. 


Everyday Oil.


Save Chapped Hands, Part 2 / Everyday Oil

Category: Skincare, Hand Washing, Protection

Day 28 of quarantine and my chapped hands are reaching Code Red: Critical. The constant hot water handwashing and Purell dry-out is REAL. Don’t let this happen to you. Start yesterday by applying Everyday Oil after each handwashing, hand-sani application, and whenever you think to check your IG feed again, moisturize instead. I also apply on my face after morning cleansing and in my scalp before bed. Made with the best organic, cold-pressed plant oils and steam-distilled essential oils that are cleansing, hydrating, and balancing, Everyday Oil is for everywhere + everyone. 

Graphic courtesy of Everyday Oil. 


Noto Botanics - Agender Oil, available at LCD.


Save Chapped Hands, Part 2B / Noto Botanics

Category: Skincare, Hand Washing, Protection

Typically, Noto Botanics Agender Oil is my travel go-to since I can use it everywhere and then need to pack no other moisturizers. Currently at home and not going anywhere further than the end of my street, I am surprisingly using this oil even more now. Agender Oil is a divine blend of organic hemp oil infused with vetiver and lavender to soften, protect, and subtly perfume hair AND skin. Face, body, hair up top, down there, and in-between. She ready. 

Graphic courtesy of Noto Botanics. 


Cle Cosmetics - Multi Cream.


Save Chapped Hands, Part Deux / Cle Cosmetics

Category: Skincare, Hand Washing, Protection

This is some next level self-care. When my skin is screaming for some serious attention, I top off my oil application with a layer of Cle Multi Cream for some intense healing action. Suitable for normal and dry skin, this cream is infused with Palo Santo oil and extract and smells incredible. In addition to being non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free, this multi-functional cream works to combat oxidative stress, eliminate inflammation, and heals the skin on your hands, body, face, and ends of your hair. 

Graphic courtesy of Cle Cosmetics. 


Nucifera's The Balm.


Saving Chapped Hands, Part Trois / Nucifera

Category: Skincare, Moisturizing, Protection

As a certified multi-tasking, many-hats-wearer, I bow at the feet of the Nucifera natural head-to-toe moisturizer The Balm. Put this nourishing butter all over the place, anywhere, for any reason, including but not limited to: remove makeup, dissolve dirt + residue, treat chapped lips, to shave, aftershave, aftersun treatment, overnight restoration, beard conditioning, treat cuticles, elbows, knees, feet, condition tattoos, make DIY scrubs, massage, tame frizzy hair, smooth + add shine to hair, and even treat diaper rash and cradle cap on your wee lil babes

Graphic courtesy of Nucifera. 


Save Ur Pretty Face - iPhone Blue Light Filter, available at LCD.


Prevent iPhone Skin Damage / Save Ur Pretty Face

Category: Skincare, Screen Time, Protection

The screen time battle is over and the screens have declared victory. There is no longer any use in fighting it, I am all-in on my iPhone LTR. This is terrible news for my better half in this relationship: me. Blue light rays are aging my skin (rude), straining my eyes (ouch), and messing with my thyroid, sleep, and metabolism :(  I find sleep and metabolic disruption from wine + chocolate ice cream preferable because, my-body, my-choice. As I will not be breaking up with wine, ice cream, or my phone anytime soon, HALLELUJAH I’ve been SAVED by Save Ur Pretty Face iPhone filters, which reduce the harmful HEV blue light transmitted from our fave devices. It feels like both an investment in future me and also the bare minimum I can do for myself.

Graphic courtesy of Save Ur Pretty Face. 


The Book Club - Blue Light Blocking Glasses.


Prevent Blue Light Headaches / The Book Club

Category: Screen Time, Protection, Glasses

Bad news. iPhones are not the only source of harmful HEV blue light. All digital devices, screens, fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, and the SUN transmit the harmful rays. Blue light is proven to cause long-term skin damage, eye strain, retina damage, headaches, and suppress melatonin secretion. WTF. These crazy harmful rays clearly cannot be avoided, but they can be reduced with a cutie accessory! The Book Club anti-blue light glasses are made from BPA-free, recyclable plastic and are chic AF. 

Photos courtesy of The Book Club. 


Cle Cosmetics - Lifting Spray and Dry Face Masks, available at LCD.


Nurture Your Skin / Cle Cosmetics

Category: Screen Time, Protection, Glasses

In times of crisis + upheaval, we may feel inspired to reexamine our habitual actions, responses, and routines. I have been 100% thrown off my old routine and have cut my daily skin care regimen in half. Depending on which expert you ask, less is more when it comes to skincare. Our skin is an incredible organ designed to do some pretty heavy lifting all on its own. With a light assist from well-made products, our skin doesn’t need a ton of intervention from us. I have long-loved Cle Lifting Mist, but I have recently come to rely on this as my star nighttime product. I mist after cleansing and then, nothing. I go to bed and let my skin + the Lifting Mist work their magic tightening, lifting and toning while I rest. Working with my skin’s own function, the powerfully hydrating ingredient snow mushroom (aka tremella fuciformis) helps skin retain moisture for the healthy + plump look of my dreams. 

Photos courtesy of Cle Cosmetics. 



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