Studio Visits: Evelynn Escobar

In our editorial series, Studio Visits, we explore varying creative processes by connecting with artists of all types. Since its founding, LCD’s intention has been to support and nurture contemporary arts and independent creators with unique points of view. This series focuses on the personality behind these individually developed processes, by examining the people and passions behind the work.

Here we talk to Evelynn Escobar, a self-described multi-dimensional force of nature. She is a change maker and the founder of Hike Clerb, an LA based intersectional womxn’s hike club and 501c(3) founded in 2017. Hike Clerb is equipping Black, Indigenous, womxn of color with the tools, resources and experiences they need to collectively heal in nature from Los Angeles and beyond. LCD has been a long time fan, both of Evelynn and her work, and we were excited to catch up with her, finding it fitting to meet in an outdoor space, Los Angeles State Historic Park. 

A portrait photo of Evelynn, wearing a green plaid hat and yellow checked t-shirt by Stussy, with her chin resting on her hand.
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Tell us what you do!

The other day I saw someone say they were the creative director of their life on Twitter and I thought it was so genius! I can very much relate. Whether it’s being the Founder and Executive Director of Hike Clerb, personal projects, modeling, public speaking etc. I’m always creating.

Tell us about a place you have lived that has impacted your work. How have you found that the culture of this place has infiltrated its way into your creative processes and outlook?

I’d have to say Los Angeles! Hike Clerb would not have begun had I not moved here.  The accessibility of nature in a sprawling city like LA makes it easy to stay inspired and tapped in. The culture of taking it easy, prioritizing self-care and wellness, etc. has definitely infiltrated my creative process and outlook.


 A upside down, angled photo of Evelynn, wearing a neutral tone t-shirt and denim dress by Ganni, laying in the grass on her back, with her arms behind her head.

How do you exercise your creativity within your daily routine?

I think the fact that my daily routine isn’t much of a routine forces me to exercise my creative muscle all the time. From painting my nails, to taking photos, to hiking, to being on set, every day looks a little different.

Name a few things that inspire your creative decisions.

Definitely my younger self, my identity and curiosities.

A photo of Evelynn standing amongst grass and greenery, wearing a the-die Collina Strada Sweatshirt, grey Pleats Please pants, and a Kara rhinestone water bottle holder, with her hand under her pregnant belly.

How does it feel to see your work realized?

It feels incredible! To see your thoughts manifest in the physical world is indescribable. There is so much joy in seeing those things come to fruition.

Do you have any other outlets or mediums for creativity that you seek?

I am a self-taught nail artist. For me, painting my nails is like a form of meditation. I love how expressive the act is.

Evelynn standing on a dirt path in a park, holding her hands up behind her head, wearing a yellow check shirt by Stussy and military green pants by Perks and Mini.


Where do you feel most productive?
I feel most productive in my apartment in a room that’s not my bedroom. Shout out to quarantine.

Favorite creator?
Issa Rae

Dream project?
Creating my own hiking shoe.

Favorite place in the world?
I really really love Hawaii. Oahu specifically.

A portrait photo of Evelynn wearing a tie dye Collina Strada hoodie, sitting back in the grass, smiling and shielding her eyes from the sun with her arm.

A detail photo of Evelynn's hands holding a rhinestone water bottle holder from Kara, and pulling a stainless steel bottle out.

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An outfit that you would be happy to have on repeat?

I love a good set or jumpsuit moment.

LCD stands for Lust, Covet, Desire… what are you currently LCD’ing?

Lust: Too much home decor to name, Covet: A 4-day work week, Desire: A tropical vacation

A photo of Evelynn against the sky, shot from waist up, with her arms in the air, smiling.
A photo of the park with a cityscape backdrop, featuring Evelynn wearing a tie dye sweatshirt and grey pleated pants, with her arms up in the air.

Find Evelynn Escobar: @evemeetswest, @hikeclerb
Photographed by: Tiana Marie Combes


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