Studio Visit: Eddie Chacon

In our editorial series, Studio Visits, we explore varying creative processes by connecting with creatives of all types. Since its founding, LCD’s intention has been to support and nurture contemporary arts and independent creators with unique points of view. This series focuses on the personality behind these individually developed processes, by examining the people and passions behind the work.

Here we talk to Eddie Chacon, an LA-based multi-disciplinary artist working in music, creative direction and photography. His newly released LP, Pleasure, Joy and Happiness, has been widely celebrated across the board by publications such as the New York Times and The Fader, among others. LCD is excited to be the exclusive retailer for Chacon’s new Pleasure, Joy and Happiness Tees, created in collaboration with Justin Hunt Sloane, to commemorate the album release. 



Tell us what you do!

I am a musician, photographer, creative director.


Tell us about a place you have lived that has impacted your work. How have you found that the culture of this place has infiltrated its way into your creative processes and outlook?

I have lived in several major cities but I have had a house (homebase) in LA since 1995. What I do is so collaborative that LA is just incredibly convenient because it’s populated with so many creatives in so many fields. You meet people constantly here at events or just out n’ about. You kind of keep an inventory in your mind of who does what so you can call upon people for their specialized talents when you have a job or just a cool idea you’re trying to bring to fruition.




How do you exercise your creativity within your daily routine?

My wife, stylist Sissy Sainte-Marie, and I are both freelance so we’re both always juggling quite a few things at a time. Our house is like a big creative studio really. It’s a great living, meeting, recording, shooting or just event space but it’s also difficult for us to just turn it off when we need to recharge sometimes. That’s the challenge.


Name a few things that inspire your creative decisions.

My main interest is to casually seek out people who operate on the same frequency as me. I try to do what I do with joy and the rest either does or doesn't fall into place. I don’t always get where I want to go but I always wind up somewhere interesting.




How has your process evolved since you began making music?

As a younger artist I was a big planner. I was following a map I had created for myself as a child. These days I love the element of surprise. Not knowing what is going to fall onto my lap so to speak. I really enjoy that.


How does it feel to see your work realized?

There have been so many failures and disappointments along the way that I’m always quite shocked when something resonates. Those moments are pure bliss. Sometimes you hit the mark and sometimes it takes years to realize that what you wound up with far exceeds what you had hoped for.



Where do you feel most productive?

I started in music so I feel like music is in every pore of my body.


Favorite creator?

My friend John Carroll Kirby. What a godsend.


Dream project?

My dream project would be to tour all over the world when the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.


Favorite place in the world?





 LCD stands for Lust, Covet, Desire… What are you currently LCD’ing?

Wow, I didn't know that Geraldine. Haha all 3. Guilty...I get obsessed with architecture, destinations, views, swimming pools, furniture and clothes.



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Stream Pleasure, Joy and Happiness via Apple Music. 




Find Eddie Chacon: Instagram, Website

Photographed by: Tiana Marie Combes

Guest Appearance: Sissy Sainte-Marie 


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