Selfie School with Sissy Sainte-Marie

A quick lesson in upping your selfie-game, complete with visual diagrams to help you achieve mastery of the craft. Whether you’re doing it for The Gram, or simply looking [down your nose] at those who do, we have a few dozen items that will spark joy while doing so. And if you’re up for an easy A, your homework assignment is to complete your own selfie, share, and tag @shopLCD. See you next week, kids.


A) Eny Lee Parker Lasso Earring
B) Rejina Pyo Mia Top
C) Sies Marjan Blanche Pant
D) Medea Prima Short Bag
E) LOQ Roma Sandals
F) 1017 Alyx 9SM Logo Phone Case
Not Pictured: The Photobombing Pet


A) Rachel Comey New Satellite Top
B) Ambush High Waisted Trouser
C) Tiana Petrullo Estate Incense StoneAreaware Totem Candle
D) J. Hannah Pearl Demi SignetGabriela Artigas Suspended Pearl Ring
E) 1017 Alyx 9SM Logo Phone Case
F) Entryways of Milan, Revolution in the Making, OpenHouse Magazine
Bonus Points: DIY Manicured Nails

A)  Rejina Pyo Daisy Hat
B)  Rejina Pyo Lorna Dress
C) MM6 Pleated Skirt
D) LOQ Nona Sandals
E) Raina Lee Ceramics Volcanic Vase
F) 1017 Alyx 9SM Leather iPhone Case
Bonus Points: Glowing Cheekbones