NO AC / NBD with Sissy Sainte-Marie

This week's round-up from LCD Fashion Editor at Large, Sissy Sainte-Marie – 
We are looking at a warmer than average summer in 2020. Time to start thinking about what to wear when it reaches peak heat in the coming weeks and months. Get ready to embrace lots of bright colors and body-con fits baring plenty of glistening skin. Here are a few more ideas from LCD to keep you cool:

The hottest days of the year call for a “one and done” piece like no other. This bright blue pull-on dress is a perfect example. 


Pull your hair off your neck and put some hoops in your ears to look and feel fresh and balanced.


 Tiny tops are key to getting through a sweltering summer.


If the idea of any big leather bag touching your skin on a hot sticky day makes you think “ew”, go for a small top-handle in sweat-resistant patent or vinyl.


Reach for your best friend linen when the temperature rises.


Sporty frames like these offer protection that feels weightless on your face, which makes a big difference when it’s muggy.


Formula for a no-brainer outfit in triple-digit heat: Really cute pumps and literally anything else.

Or just hang out in your cute bikini in front of a fan.


Give your bod some relief and make the switch to a non-toxic deodorant if you haven’t already.

Hot tip: Keep this mist in the fridge and spritz yourself when you need a quick cool down or a pleasant pick-me-up.