Fall Favorites with Courtney Madison

As much as Tiger King marked the beginning of quarantine, September has always signaled the end of summer as we know it. As we nestle into the cozier season we’re reminded that we missed a little structure in our lives, clothing included. 


A three piece suit in one - vest on top cinches the waist you may be working on getting back from your perfected banana bread recipe.
Low Classic - Layered Blazer, Low Classic - Wide Tuck Pants, Rachel Comey - Small Keeper Earrings

A chocolate trench will magically make anything you wear look elevated - yes even your track pants. Especially if you pair it with these emerald platforms.
Low Classic - Classic Trench Coat, Simon Miller - Hustler Loafer, Rachel Comey - Webster Hoop Earrings

For those of you not ready to say goodbye, white pants always keep fall favorites looking fresh. 
Rachel Comey - Fond Sweatshirt, Rachel Comey - Pseudo Pant, Rachel Comey - Arc Earrings

Trade the oversized tee for a button down. It’s time. 
Wales Bonner - Isaac Elegant Shirt, Rachel Comey - Tabby Hoop Earrings

My personal favorite, soft structure. All the fall feels flowing freely.
Pleats Please - Pleated Robe, Rachel Comey - Small Keeper Earrings
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