Bottomed Out: Give Pants a Chance with Sissy Sainte-Marie

Can you imagine how it feels to be pants right now? Not only have people stopped wearing them while working from home, but people joke about them and share memes about them on social media. They're making headlines for crying out loud. It’s been 4 months now since pants were tossed aside, 10% of people say they don’t wear pants on zoom calls, and people are claiming their pants no longer fit. Pants are like …" oh, so you chose banana bread over me?” I mean sure, sweatpants and pajama bottoms are having their shining moment, but proper pants – you remember the ones – with zippers & belt loops and non-stretchy fabric – those pants are devastated. Forlorn. Dejected. Well, pants have news for you – you may not miss them, but you do need them. The world is going to reopen and all the pants will be sold out. You’ll have to go on dates, out to brunch, report to the office, shop at the grocery store...what are you going to do then? Show up in your skivvies? Good luck with that. How about returning strong with some real fancy pants... I’m talking velvet, rhinestones, plaid, two-tone, patchwork, wild prints. Overcorrect. Swing the pendulum the other way. Pants have always been there to cover your ass. Help them make a stellar comeback. – Guest Fashion Editor, Sissy Sainte-Marie


Low Classic - Double Jacket

Low Classic - High Waist Pants

Reike Nen - Wing Strap Mule



Maryam Nassir Zadeh - Cape Trousers

Reike Nen - Odd Pair Sandal



Low Classic - Armhole Stitch Jacket

Low Classic - Snap Belt Pants

Reike Nen Strappy - Pointed Sandals



Collina Strada - Chason Pant



Rejina Pyo - Toby Jeans






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