Black & White

with LCD Fashion Editor Courtney Madison

What’s more classic than black and white and more fun than a pattern? The combination of the two. Follow along to see my favorite ways to wear B&W. 


Courtney Madison wears Kkco Lounge Shirt and Lounge Pants.

Why have only one checkered pattern when you can have 3? Indecisiveness is underrated. 

Kkco - Lounge Shirt, Kkco - Lounge Pants



Courtney Madison wears Henrik Vibskov Jelly Pants and Jelly Blouse.

As we continue with the trifectas: pattern, texture, and volume all in one. We did it again.

Henrik Vibskov - Jelly Blouse, Henrik Vibskov - Jelly Pants



Courtney Madison wears Kkco Hus Dress.

Same same but dressier. Just in case you weren’t ready for pants yet.

Kkco - Hus Dress



Courtney Madison wears the Sandy Liang Goose Dress.

If a picnic in the park were a dress.

Sandy Liang - Goose Dress