Apocalyptic Paradise

You can find this experimental line of dreamy textured ceramics by Raina Lee at LCD – with moon-inspired craters and ethereal color ways that are an effortless way to add charm to a minimal shelf. Each piece is unique, hand produced in Los Angeles, and will complement any space. We asked Floral Designer Schentell Nun to create a floral series complementary to the celestial vases of our dreams, and this Apocalyptic Paradise was her vision. The presentation comes in perfect harmony with Raina Lee's ceramics which, inspired by nature on earth and beyond, intend to couple the outdoors within your home. 

Medium White Moon Vase, Small Moonjar - Chartreuse

Small Moonjar - Pink

Medium White Moon Vase

Small Multi-Fired Volcanic Vase

Small Multi-Fired Volcanic Vase

Small Moonjar - Midnight

Floral Design: Schentell Nun
Photography: Tiana Marie Combes

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