Designer Spotlight : KARA

Designer Spotlight: New York fashion brand KARA
by Julia Zimmelman and Chynna James

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Everything you need to know about KARA / The Collection

Category: Modern, Minimalist, Elegant, Feminine, Edgy

Parsons graduate Sarah Law looked to the literal definition of karaoke—"empty orchestra”—for the name of her minimalist handbag line KARA, founded in New York in 2013. Evoking a sense of quiet and thoughtful contemplation, the title perfectly reflects the understated yet precise aesthetic of the Chinese American designer’s handbags. Elevating curiosity, individuality, and modernity to design imperatives, KARA’s pieces are stripped to essential, almost abstracted forms that act as blank canvases for individual interpretation.

Made to merge seamlessly with the wearer's unique aesthetic, their clean shapes give a sense of lightness and versatility. This emphasis on geometric simplicity also allows the choice and quality of materials to achieve primary focus, making unexpected tactile interest a hallmark of the label's designs. Never adhering to a specific mold, KARA’s collections illustrate the connection between the community at large and the soloist piercing through it.


 Not only are the bags generally much more expensive-looking and well-designed than anything else in the price range right now, but all your friends will want to know where you found such a cute bag.

Graphic courtesy of KARA. 

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